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Colorado Camping Made Easy With KuKu Campers

Colorado is such a beautiful place and if you are planning a trip here this summer, I bet at least part of it is centered around the great outdoors. I get it! I live here and love how beautiful this place is.

The thing about planning an outdoorsy trip, is that finding a place to stay every night can be difficult, especially if you want to wake up to an amazing view. Hotels are expensive, Airbnb’s require a minimum stay, and tent camping requires you to bring everything with you and rent a car.

After much searching I found an option that is inexpensive, does not have a minimum stay and includes everything you need to wake up to those amazing Colorado views. It is called KuKu Campers.

Originally from Iceland, this company has thought of everything. Their camper vans have kick ass, one of a kind, murals painted on the side, to show you are up for an adventure. Ours had Chuck Norris on it, but I saw a Bob Marley in their office that looked epic. You need to be prepared for random strangers to come up to you and take pictures. We made a lot of friends the weekend we had this because of Chuck, oh did I mention he is saving kittens from a fire?

Driving this bad boy is a breeze, making it easy to take almost anywhere. I drove it on a windy bumpy road to a hike and it was perfectly fine. I also must say, it was more fuel efficient than I anticipated, which was great because it was a big concern of mine to start with. The bucket seats are comfy, but with no GPS you need to make sure you have your phone charger handy if you do not know where you are going.

Cooking on the gas stove is easy, but trying to thaw something might cause issues. I suggest only warming things up, like our Chicken Teriyaki that was delish! The cooler is also nice, but I suggest buying/bringing water jugs with you to make sure you have enough drinking water.

Sleeping in a camper allows you to park anywhere to find that perfect Colorado view. I suggest National or State Parks, National Forests or campsites near your next adventure. For free camping, check out this article by Uncover Colorado. If I am being honest the camper is not as comfy to sleep in as a luxury hotel, but as an avid camper that should be nothing new. If you want a little more comfort, I suggest bringing a mattress pad roll. Pillows are provided, but you need to bring either sleeping bags or lots of blankets. Even in the summer time, you will get cold at night. The great thing about a camper is that you do not have to make camp every night (I totally hate setting up camp) With a camper you get to go where ever you want and not have to worry about where your stuff is.

Overall we had a fun road trip, experiencing some really unique Colorado sites.  If you need help planning a road trip, check out Plan Your Best Road Trip Ever With These Planning Tips and Travel App’s You Need to Download Before Your Next Trip. These articles are full of helpful tips to help you plan. The AllTrails app was also very helpful on this trip. #ThereIsAnAppForThat

Where are you going this summer? I would love to hear about your adventures. Drop a comment below and maybe you summer escapades will be featured on the blog and Instagram.

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