Snowmobiling Adventure with Ice Pirates

After the 45-minute ride up a winding mountain road, I was ready to arrive at the Ice Pirates base camp. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains National Forest, the clearing in which the base camp was organized leant itself to some beautiful picture taking. Upon arrival, I immediately popped out of the large van that had transported us to this winter wonderland and started taking pictures. Once everyone had exited the van it was time to sign wavers and put helmets on. In anticipation of the beautiful terrain we knew we would encounter with snowmobiling, Cody and I attached our GoPro’s to our helmets.

With all our safety gear on and bundled in warm winter clothing, it was time for a short training lecture. Even for this newbie, the training was sufficient to make me feel comfortable enough to drive a single person snowmobile.

Snowflakes started to fall as I selected my snowmobile. To no ones surprise, I selected the only red one and immediately started the motor. With a few last minute tips, we were off on our two-hour snowmobiling adventure.

The guided tour started with us working our way up steeper and steeper hill climbs. At first I was a little scared, but by the time we reached the tallest hill, I was excited to speed to the top.  At 12,000 feet in elevation, you could see for miles, allowing for some magnificent views.  Once we reached Molas Pass, the tour stopped for a few minutes giving us the opportunity to really appreciate our surroundings, and of course take a few pictures.

Back on our snowmobiles, it was time to explore as much of the 80 miles of trails and 55,000 acres of high country terrain Ice Pirates had to offer. Riding through the tall Aspen trees and Blue Spruce pines, a calm came over me that made me appreciate the beauty of the world we get to call home. The serenity I was enjoying was quickly replaced by an adrenalin boost, when the trees suddenly gave way to an open landscape, where we were told we could drive as fast as we wanted over the thick powder terrain. My husband Cody enjoyed speeding by me, in an effort to kick up powder at me. The parents with children seated behind them, also hit the throttle, producing sweet giggles of excitement from their children.

The trail eventually narrowed and we were once again in a single file line. As we sped along the trail, I started wishing that this adventure would never end. My initial apprehension had quickly turned to excitement, and I knew that while this tour might be coming to an end, it would not be my last time on a snowmobile with Ice Pirates.

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What do you think? Ready for a snowmobiling adventure? What other snow activities do you love? Leave me a comment below. 

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