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Disney Worlds 5 Must Taste Treats

Like A Local is excited to have our very first guest post that is written by a fellow blogger! I recently joined some blogger Facebook groups to expand my reach, learn more about blogging, and to find other awesome blogs! Alix is a  blogger at “Letters From A Good Friend” that I met through one of the blogger groups. I was so excited that she was interested in posting about Disney World because it is one of my all time favorite places!! After reading her post, I cannot wait for Cody & I’s September trip to Disney!! Be sure to check out her blog, it is full of amazing photos and posts of all kinds of neat adventures! Thank you so much Alix for being a guest on Like A Local Travler!! – Lauren

Hello! I’m Alix Good and I run the blog “letters from a GOOD friend”. I’m a  pizza/wine addict, work-from- home-dog- mom! I am currently traveling with my husband who is a travel physical therapist assistant, and our two pups Jake and Mushu! We have been traveling for a little over two years now and LOVE it! We recently purchased an RV to take on our trips, and already love the RV-lifestyle.

Recently my husband and I spent a quick day at Disney World, Magic Kingdom, in Orlando, Florida! I had been to Disney several times as a kid and young adult, however this was my husband’s very first trip!! I was so excited to get to experience that with him, and I did a lot of research beforehand to ensure we did all of the MUSTS for his first time there!

We LOVE to snack, so it was obvious that I had to search for the yummiest snacks for us to munch on throughout the day. When we arrived at Disney, I was armed with my list of snacks and I was so thankful that I had come prepared! Disney World is HUGE and can be a little overwhelming! Luckily with our list, we ate like kings all day and never regretted our food choices! So to help you be prepared for your next trip to Magic Kingdom, check out my top 5 Disney World Snacks, to add to your own list!

1. LeFou’s Brew @ Gaston’s Tavern

Disney World Treats

This was one of the snacks that I had never tried before, but had recently read about online and was so pumped to try!! We stopped at Gaston’s Tavern early in the day, so we opted not to get the souvenir cup to avoid having to carry it around all day (plus we have like a million cups haha! I have a cup/mug-collecting problem!) but the souvenir cup was really cute and I totally would’ve got one if my husband hadn’t been there when I ordered (; My husband and I both LOVED our LeFou’s brew! We really were not sure what to expect taste wise because we had never drank anything like it, but it was so amazing and we both agreed that if we walked by there again we would stop and get another cup! We also tried a warm cinnamon roll and were a little disappointed. It was good, but neither of us really loved it and I probably would not get it again.

2. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar @ Frozen Treats Carts 

Walt Disney Treats

This is not your typical vanilla-ice- cream-inside- hard-chocolate- on-a- stick. The fact that this ice cream bar is shaped like Mickey Mouse makes it taste even more magical than it would in any other shape. We got ours at a frozen treat cart near the back of Cinderella’s castle, and obviously had to get a pic of it with the castle in the background (right before devouring it) It was the perfect afternoon snack on a beautiful sunny day at Disney!

3. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich @ Sleepy Hollow

Disney World Treats

Trust me. Order this waffle. Then go back later and order another one. Out of all of the yummy snacks we had, this was definitely our favorite snack of the whole day. The (freshly made to order) waffle comes with fresh fruit on top of a chocolate- hazelnut spread and holy cow it is A-MAZ- ING! We already LOVE waffles, and we were so pumped to see that they are made to-order! This waffle did not disappoint, and as soon as we had finished it (we shared one) we wished we had each gotten our own! It was a little bit of a wait (while they make the waffle fresh for you!) but totally worth it!

4. Mickey Pretzel @ Cool Ship

Disney World Treats

To some this may be just a soft pretzel, but this was one of the best soft pretzels from a stand that we have ever had! (We eat a lot of snacks wherever we go if you can’t tell!!) We obviously opted to get the cheese sauce also which was a great choice. Our pretzel was perfectly salted and just the right amount of soft. We scarfed this down while waiting in line for the People-Mover and it really hit the spot! A Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel is a must-have snack on any Disney World trip!

5. White Chocolate Mocha @ Starbucks 

Disney World Treats

Our day at Disney ended with some pretty chilly weather. So even though the line was long, we knew we wanted a hot drink from Starbucks to watch the fireworks with. The lines moved along pretty quickly, so even if the line is out the door, don’t be afraid to jump in line to get your Starbucks fix! We ordered our usual hot Starbucks drinks since it was getting a little cold out. (I ordered a white chocolate mocha) Your drinks will come in these fun Disney-themed cups, but you can also purchase Starbucks-Disney souvenir mugs!! (Which you will see while you’re waiting in line) I have a cup/mug collecting issue, so I obviously got myself the Disney World mug from the Starbucks You Are Here Series! The drinks were made perfectly, and it was a great way to watch the fireworks on that chilly night!

LOVE Disney Snacks!? Check out Lauren’s BuzzFeed article on 20 Things You Have to Eat at Disney World for more ideas!

What’s your favorite Disney themed snack? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts. 

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