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Hacienda Colorado

Hacienda Colorado Puts a Special Twist on Mexican Food and You Are Going to Love it: Mountain Mex

With a roof top patio and a clear view of the mountain range, the Hacienda Colorado in Colorado Springs will bring a little bit of Mexico to your day. There are also multiple locations all over the Denver metro. Each restaurant is beautifully appointed, with comfortable seating, fireplaces, Mexican art work and even Hacienda Colorado modern light fixtures. Its unique menu has everything from Fish Tacos to Applewood Smoked Pork Tamales. They have taken traditional recipes and given them a Rocky Mountain twist they lovingly refer to as Mountain Mex. 

Once you arrive at one of Hacienda Colorado’s five locations and get seated, the first thHacienda Coloradoing you are going to want to do is ask for the spicier salsa. They will bring you a mild one, which has a great smoky flavor, but the other one has such a great spicy favor, it really is a must try. 

After that, take a gander at the bar menu. They have over 40 Tequilas, including one made especially just from them, Frozen Margaritas, Wine, and Latin Beers. I personally love the Strawberry Swirl Frozen Margarita, but look at the drink specials; they always have some great ones. 

With drinks ordered you have to get queso. I know some people are going to want Guacamole, but if you order Queso Hacienda, you will get some on the side.

When you order Queso Hacienda, you have a few choices to make. First you need to decide the base: Mild, Spicy or Queso Blanco. Then add in your choice of meat: Chorizo, Shredded Chicken orSeasoned Ground Beef. You even get a side of Refried Beans, Hacienda ColoradoGuacamole and Pico de Gallo, so why get Guac, when you can have it as a side anyways? My favorite combination is Queso Blanco and Shredded Chicken. The Chorizo is good, but it is a little greasy, so I am not a big fan, however if you do choose it I suggest paring it with the Spicy Queso. 

Now that you are munching on your queso, it is time to order dinner. Their Applewood Smoked Pork Tamales are my personal favorite, but the Chili Relleno is a close second. The best part about ordering is that there are 11 unique sauces to choose from, which make your meal fully customizable and unique just for you. Of course the menu will have their suggested pairing, but if you see a different sauce you want to try, do not be shy, go for it! My favorites include their: Spicy New Mexico Hatch Green Chile (all dishes), Roasted Jalapeño (all dishes), Spicy Queso Blanco (beef or cheese dishes), New Mexico Hatch Green Chile (all dishes) Colorado (all dishes), Tex-Mex Chile con Carne (beef or cheese dishes) and Ranchero (chicken dishes). 

I could go on and on about this place and believe me once you try it so will you. This local favorite is just too good to pass up. If the weather is good, which it will more than likely be, you should make an effort to sit outside. Every time we went with friends while living in Denver, all the locals were outside enjoying Sangria and talking all night. They even have fire pits and space heaters to make sure you are warm once the sun goes down. 

Where do you love to get Mexican food in Colorado? Have you ever had Mountain Mex? Comment below to let me know. 


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