These are not your normal tours, with big groups, that only go to the touristy places. Vayable is lead my locals, who generally take a small group of people to places off the beaten path. There are thousands of different areas to chose from and the prices are set. The great thing is you will have a whole smorgasbord of activities to pick from!

Leisure Pass

These City Passes offers holders free entry to top attractions in either London, Paris, Las Vegas, Berlin, New Orleans, Rome/Vatican City, Stockholm, Vienna, or Dublin Pass. The pass comes with a guidebook, specially selected offers, great deals and discounts, and most importantly, line jumping privileges at selected popular attractions, saving you time. All Passes are available for 1, 2, 3, 6 and 10 days with the option of added local transit for an additional cost. Each city pass has an app that is a great resource for visitors to use when they are in the city. Users are invited to sync their passes to receive updates and information on-the-go about last minute deals, discounts and tips on where to go and what to see in the city. The Dining Guide that comes with the pass offers huge discounts at restaurants around the city as well. 

Eat With

There is no better way to eat like a local than eating with one at their home and this website does just that. Locals post listings for dinner parties and specialty meals that you can sign up for. Each event has a set price and it is a great way to do something different and even pick a local’s brain about the city you are visiting.