Keeping It Local and Save Money

I am all about seeing the world like a local and I am not alone. Many cities, big and small, are showing their support for local businesses by selling Local Loyalty Cards that offer discounts or free items at participating local businesses. There are two really great benefits to purchasing these cards and you should not limit yourself to only having one that is for your area. 

Save Money

The first benefit is that if you are diligent about using this card, you will save money. The one I was given for Oklahoma City cost $15 and I saved more than that, the first weekend I remembered to put it in my purse. When trying to decide what this card might get you at a local business, I find it best just to ask. The majority of places that participate in this Local Loyalty Program will display a sticker in their entryway that signifies they do. The majority of cards also feature an app you can download, that will show you what you can get at every participating business. The app leads me in to the second benefit.  

Find Local Hot Spots

While the app may be a good way to find out what discounts you can enjoy from specific local businesses, it can do more. I love using it as a way to find local hot spots that I would otherwise not know about, even if you are a local. Another way to find these featured local businesses is to start following the Instagram account of the Local Loyalty Card you own or are planning to purchase for your trip. It might sound crazy, but living in OKC, there are a ton of places to eat and when I see a delicious dish from a local restaurant on their account, I have to add it to my must try list.  

With these two great benefits why not purchase one for a city you are going to be visiting soon? You can download the app and follow their Instagram account way before you plan on leaving for your trip, in an effort to find all the local hot spots before you even pack your bags. While finding hidden gems on your own while on your trip is fun, I think doing some research before you leave can really help you find some local hot spots. 

One last thing I think is AWESOME about Local Loyalty Cards is that they do more than save you money and help you find local hot spots. In the case of the OKC card, the art on the card is always done by a local artist and for each card purchased a dollar is donated to a local charity.  So you are supporting the local area in more than one way. 

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