9 Reasons To Own A GoPro: Even If You’re Not Extreme

Whether you are a sporty extremist or a couch potato, you have probably seen an amazing GoPro video by now. These small, light, and super wide- angle cameras capture everything from extreme water sport tricks to children’s birthday parties. Used primarily to give the viewer a point of view (POV) look at activities or to place a camera in a location where a cameraman could never film, they have opened up a world of imagery that previously was only available to big time directors. Before you read on, take the time to check out this awe-inspiring video, I know you will get some inspiration. 

What is a GoPro?

Small and light enough to mount to just about anywhere, this digital video camera is designed to show unique perspectives that cannot be captured with more traditional video gear. The real strength is its impressive number of housing and mount options. Housings range from minimal to completely waterproof and mounts are available for everything from handlebars to windows. You can mount it just about anywhere—on your head, your chest, your backpack, and so on.

The latest and most advanced version of the GoPro is the Hero4 Black edition, priced at $449. The Hero4 Silver loses the Black’s 30 fps 4K video but gains an LCD touch screen, which is a very handy feature, especially at a $344 price point.  For those on a budget, the Session is a great option at $199. The free smartphone app for the Hero4 and Hero3 models is particularly nice as it gives you control over all menus and settings and allows you to frame accurately with its live-preview functionality. GoPro also offers free Studio software that gives basic editing ability to those without Adobe or Apple software. 

Update: GoPro came out with the Hero 5. I just got one and I am already in love So easy to use and has a ton of great features. Prices may vary so check out the links for up to date pricing. 

Who should have a GoPro?

The outdoor adventures and the extreme sports enthusiast crowd have been attracted to the GoPro from the get-go. The high quality to size ratio, wide angle field of view, sturdy construction, waterproof housing, and ability to buy a mount to do almost anything, is making the GoPro appealing to more than just those crowds now. But really, the GoPro has the ability to be so much more than an “extreme” sports camera. In fact, some of the most interesting and fun footage is coming from people who are non extremists at all. That is why I came up with this info-graph to explain the nine reasons why the GoPro should be on everyones wish, especially the creative types out there.  

9 Reasons to own a GoPro

GoPro Info-graph

Still need convincing? I didn’t think so, but check out these video’s for fun anyways!

So what are your GoPro use ideas? Cute puppy videos, fun vacation clips or something else? I would love to hear from you. 

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