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About The Traveler

Hi! My name is Lauren and I am the main writer on Like A Local Traveler. I love discovering new places, whether it is around the corner or thousands of miles away. I believe that we should explore in our own backyards, as well as abroad. I started traveling the world at a very early age and I have created this website to help others travel more and see all the wonderful things this world has to offer. I’ve lived in over 23 cities, so I know how to be a local in a lot of places. I want to make sure you see the right local places, take the right things with you and get to enjoy your trip without stressing.

Why Travel Like A Local?

While seeing the tourist sights in a big city can be fun, to really get a feel of where you are visiting, you have to go beyond the guide books and experience life there like a local. It’s important to me to experience each place as if I lived there. Think about all the locals in that area that started a business in the city they love, showcasing their talents. Wouldn’t you want to experience that? Why eat at a chain when you can go somewhere the locals have been appreciating for years that was created by someone who dreamed of owning their own restaurant? Why purchase a tee shirt that everyone buys from your destination? Instead go to a local shop that designed their own clothing supporting their hometown. Yes, this blog will also mention bigger places you might want to visit on your trip, but the majority of what I will tell you about is how to see the world like a local. Do not be afraid to explore. Believe me you will be glad you did, it is the most rewarding way to travel.

How Can I Help?

If you have ever wanted to travel the world like a local, you are in the right place! This website will give you pro-tips, resources for planning, and like a local destination info.

Check out the Start Here Page where you will get inspired, learn to save money before and during your trip, and I will even help you plan your trip like a local.

The Destinations specific articles are divided up in to major cities. Check out the posts on where to eat and drink like a local, entertainment ideas, and pro-tips. I also love make list posts, so be ready to read those as well.

After you have decided where and when you want to travel, check out the Resources page. There you will find help with: accommodations, booking, travel gear and transportation. While this site will help you travel like a local, I know that when you go to a major city there are going to be some iconic places you are still going to want to see, so check out the resources section for my tip picks on travel guides as well.

Thanks For Visiting!

I am really excited you are on the site. Take a look around, follow me on Social Media, join the email subscription to get updates and please leave me comments about the posts.